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I'm glad you clicked in. Let's talk, and I don't mean the one-sided conversations you're used to. I mean honest dialogue, or even heated debate without judging. As long as it's conversation.

Hey, everybody has questions. Doubts. Frustrations. It's hard to sort through what to think and believe. You can ask your questions here, whatever they are. I'll listen carefully and give you honest answers, treating you with respect. Nobody's forcing anything down anyone's throat. Just conversation. You can speak your mind. It's the way things should be done.

You want someone to help you sort through what you think and believe. Everybody needs that. That's why this site is here.

When it comes to spiritual things and faith questions, you have more choices than to just swallow the cliches hook, line, and sinker, or walk away. There is a 3rd choice: Answers you can trust.