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Re: Convince Me About Satan

Postby Head William » Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:44 am

The church has believed in a cosmic devil/god for 2000 years. For 2000 years they have believed this lie. There is NO cosmic satan/devil/Lucifer. It's all a myth . BUT there is a better understanding of what and who this satan is. Check it out, it's a big study to remove this error about the devil. HE IS NOT REAL.
Head William

Re: Convince Me About Satan

Postby jimwalton » Thu Apr 07, 2016 11:45 am

We have already covered this ground. I checked back, read it again, and reminded myself. But I’d love to hear the “better understanding” of which you speak. Tell me what you’re thinking.
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Re: Convince Me About Satan

Postby Head William » Thu Apr 07, 2016 8:36 pm

You say you've already covered this ground. No we haven't, it was brushed under the carpet. LIKE DUST.


The red-dressed guy at Christmas is called Santa and our parents/your parents insisted if we are good we will get gifts, if we are bad we get none and santa won't be pleased. THAT'S THE WAY YOU GUYS PREACH THE GOSPEL AS WELL. I was brought up with this fear put over as truth every Christmas for eight or nine years. HEY SANTA is an anagram for SATAN. and instead of Jesus getting the glory at Christmas SANTA/SATAN gets all the headlines. Christian ministers played along with this great LIE. HEY IT WAS ALL LIES. and I'll bet you told your kids the same stories/LIES.

The above has been taught in all homes world wide for 2000 all children.(fear tactics)


Let's move to SATAN. Its not possible for Satan to be in every country, at the same time, seeking every person to destroy them.
Satan is not a fallen angel nor is he a spirit. IF HE IS THEN HE SATAN IS A GOD. There is Only One God and God is SPIRIT.

The reason you preach Satan is because you have learned this falsehood by it being handed down to you for years. You've never done a study on Satan to see if this guy is real. You've took it for granted , it was taught as truth from early school days. And you've found verses that sound like a cosmic being in the new testament. Oh so you've found satan taking Jesus up a mountain. no , that was the Pharisees , read the context

If the snake or serpent was satan , it was cursed to go on its belly , eat dust . When did the snake or serpent /the devil reverse the curse, He is walking in the book of Job , and you've found Him walking up a mountain tempting Jesus,..REALLY.DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT. HAVE YOU STUDIED THIS. Satan should be on HIS BELLY IN THE DUST ACCORDING TO GENESIS

If you were to do a study for yourself and put a hold on what has been dictated to you over the 60 years that you've been programed to believe , then you would see the holes in this satan character.


Basically anything that opposes Gods will or Gods truth is a satan.
In the old dispensation , sicknesses were called demons
,mental illnesses were called evil spirits, and even Peter who tried to advise Christ from going to the cross to die was a satan , Peter acted as a satan, Judas acted as a satan when he betrayed the Lord. Judas acted as a demon priest , the one chosen to point out the perfect lamb to the Rulers. (someone had to be the demon priest ,and Judas was the one)
A Demon Priest was a priest who looked for blemishes in the lambs and sheep for sacrifice. Judas was a priest ,hence the only one to enter the high courts of the officials , and talk with and to the rulers.
Judas was a thief but it was a sickness for stealing petty things , kleptomaniac, he was different from BARABAS the other thief who was a violent murderer . Jesus picked Judas because of this weakness, hence showing great love trying to help Judas ,.....Hey Judas you look after the money side of things. another story, but Judas was the demon priest , the one chosen to point out the perfect lamb. Don't be thinking Judas was a demon, it is only a title of the role he was picked to play. A demon priest was a priest who inspected the sacrificial offerings to check for blemishes. Judas literally pointed to the perfect lamb in the garden. That's my lamb says Judas in the garden. WE ALL DO THE SAME AS WHAT JUDAS DONE WE INSPECT THE LAMB AND WE POINT TO HIM. ( another study)

The evil inclination in men and women is the satan.
The satan in the garden of Eden was , wait for it .....ADAM. Yes in Adam's mind he wondered about this apple thing, Eve wondered as well and guess what the hissing snake inside Eve and ADAM said IM GONNA TAKE A BITE notice ADAM was with her.
This was a joint decision . , but it was Adam who sinned, Eve was in the transgression. The evil inclination in Adam and Eve was the satan. .Every evil inclination of man will always end up eating the dust.
You've heard the song ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST .Its an idiom..There is a TV show , another one bites the dust.
It speaks of human failure . The old evil inclination will always bite dust

3 DUST examples in bible
Isa_49:23 And kings shall be thy nursing fathers, and their queens thy nursing mothers: they shall bow down to thee with their face toward the earth, and lick up the dust of thy feet; and thou shalt know that I am the LORD: for they shall not be ashamed that wait for me.
Lam_3:29 He putteth his mouth in the dust; if so be there may be hope.
Mic_7:17 They shall lick the dust like a serpent, they shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth: they shall be afraid of the LORD our God, and shall fear because of thee.

BITING THE DUST is an idiom .see above examples.

The Hebrew word is sawtawn. and sawtawn was never a person , but rather an evil inclination in a person.
You wont find Paul talking about an evil cosmic force, No. Paul talks about the evil within a mans heart , that's the satan. Jesus came to destroy the works of sawtawn ie the evil in men . He didn't come to destroy an evil cosmic angel.

Paul was given a messenger of satan as a thorn in the flesh.
The thorn that tormented Paul was another human being spreading false teaching. The false teaching from anyone is a satan.

Head William

Re: Convince Me About Satan

Postby jimwalton » Sat Apr 30, 2016 10:30 am

O contraire, mon frère. We didn’t just brush it under the carpet, but had man exchanges about Satan? Remember this?

"The Old Testament doesn’t say much about him. We don’t get to find out where he came from, how he got the way he is, or much of anything, really. We know that God created everything good, so God created him, but he must have been good at the time. Whatever happened to him to make him the way he is was his own doing, not God’s.

In the Old Testament, Satan is described mostly as an adversary who opposes goodness and God-ness, but he is also pictured as a being whose actions are under God’s rule. He can only function within the walls of what God allows him to do, though he acts with his own free will. In other words, God doesn’t make him do the things he does; he does them on his own.

In the New Testament, we learn much more about him. He is a spiritual being who is a powerful enemy to Jesus, working against him at every turn, tempting him and opposing him. But he knows well who Jesus is, and fears Jesus. His power is no match for Jesus’ power. Demons possess people and cause them to act weirdly. Jesus has complete power over them. Satan seeks to lead people astray, to deceive people with things that seem to be true but aren’t, and to destroy Christians. He also seems to have some power over what we would call natural phenomena, and can possibly affect things like the weather, and he can make people sick.

By the time we get to the book of Revelation we find out that Satan has been at work all along resisting God, deceiving people, destroying things, and will ultimately make a play to overthrow God and take possession of God’s throne. He doesn’t have such power, and God easily conquers him once and for all and sends him to and eternal destiny of fiery torment.

You want me to convince you of these things. The only occasional actual evidence we ever see of this stuff is in demon possession of people. Other than that, we know there is plenty of evil and suffering in the world, and lots of people believing lies about spiritual things. It’s probably safe to say we are all horrified by the capability of human beings to do terrible things. Some of these terrible things come from the wickedness of our own hearts, but the Bible says that some of it can come from Satan. There’s no proof of that (no one ever sees Satan), but it’s an interpretation people make based on what they believe about God and the Bible.”

But on to some of your questions and statements.

Actually, we didn’t tell our children lies about Santa. We told them from the beginning it was all just pretend.

And Santa is not an anagram for Satan. The words developed separately with nothing to do with each other. “Satan” comes from the Greek word “satana,” meaning “accuser.” “Santa” comes from a version of Latin for “Saint,” as in St. Peter. Completely different roots and etymologies.

You’re right that it’s not possible for Satan to be in every country at the same time. Satan is not omnipresent; only God is omnipresent. Satan can only be in one place at any one given time, just like us, or just like any angel or cherubim. So you see, I am not preaching all these things you falsely accuse me of.

Let’s look at the temptation story. You claim it was the Pharisees who take Jesus up the mountain. Matthew 4.8, there is nothing in the context to associate the action with the Pharisees. So also Mark 1.13 and Luke 4.5. You’ll need to explain what you are claiming.

Genesis 3 never associates the serpent with Satan. That association doesn’t come until the New Testament. There is no claim in Genesis that the serpent is Satan, and I have never said any different than that.

Most of the sin that we commit doesn’t have its source in Satan, but in the desires that come out of our sinful hearts (James 1.14). Satan and demons are at work in the world, but most of the time we sin all by ourselves because it’s our nature. Satan doesn’t need to get involved. We tempt ourselves. Satan can only be in one place at one time anyway.

Contrary to what you have said, Paul does talk about Satan in Romans 16.20, 2 Corinthians 2.11 and 11.14; 1 Thes. 2.18; 2 Thes. 2.9, and other places.

Peter also mentions him in 1 Pet. 5.8, calling him the devil.

“Jesus means one who saves the world. Humans don’t make him savior of the world. He is the savior of the world. Belief doesn’t add to it. Unbelief doesn’t annul it.” I agree 100%.

And I don’t pray against Satan. I don’t think that’s biblical.

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