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Lucifer's pride and rebellion

Postby Regnus Numis » Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:51 pm

Does the lack of Beatific Vision explain Lucifer's pride and subsequent rebellion?

According to this source (, does the lack of Beatific Vision explain why Lucifer grew prideful and rebelled against God? It certainly seems to align with John Piper's idea ( that Lucifer rebelled since God cloaked His glory from him.
Regnus Numis

Re: Lucifer's pride and rebellion

Postby jimwalton » Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:42 am

Well, I would say there are some problems with your source. This whole theology of Satan having been an angel and a morning star and falling because of pride all comes from Isaiah 14.12ff., but it's a questionable interpretation at best. While for a long time it was the traditional interpretation, modern scholars (from the Reformation onward] have almost completely deserted the idea that this text is about Satan. There is much to oppose about the traditional interpretation, though the general population still hangs on to it. We would be hard pressed to sustain the suggestion that the passage refers to Satan.

From a contextual standpoint, it's about the king of Babylon, who represents world arrogance that defies God and tramples others in its lust for power. It's about that evil of pride and power that lies at the heart of every evil for which particular nations will be judged by God. It's also core to the horrendous acts of inhumanity that people foist upon each other. "Babylon" becomes a symbol for all attitudes and actions that oppose God and His purposes.

"Lucifer" is the Latin for "bright star (shining one)" (Isa. 14.12). In Hebrew it's helel. It probably refers to the planet Venus (not to Satan), an astrological feature in ancient cultures possibly referring to failure and fizzle (in the morning Venus is visible only on the horizon and the sun "extinguishes" it every time—"sends it to the netherworld").

So I don't agree that the lack of beatific vision explains Lucifer's pride and subsequent rebellion. Actually, the Bible tells us nothing about the origin of Satan. Since all things were created by God, he had to have been created by God also, but we're not told anything of the situation or character of Satan's origins. But to tie Mary into this is just over the top, and then to speculate about Satan (Lucifer) being kept from a full beatific vision is exactly that: speculation. It's ungrounded and misdirected.

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