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What is the Bible? Why do we say it's God's Word? How did we get it? What makes it so special?
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The Bible and truthful imagery

Postby Scuba Diver » Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:18 pm

Why are so many Christians, and the church so afraid of the truthful imagery found within the Bible?

I am studying to be a preacher, and I've always never understood why so many people in the church are so scared and turned off by the imagery in the Bible. A lot of it isn't pretty. If an angel appeared before us in their true form, we'd be as scared as if we saw a demon. The devil is hardly talked about, and any mention seems to be shunned by many. While he may be the evil that wants to turn us away, he plays a major role in our faith, yet we ignore the truth. It's more of a "Yeah, he's bad. Stay away," and that's it manner when he is discussed. If someone tried painting scenes from the end times, many would frown on it and see it as satanic first. The darkest thing normally seen is Jesus on the cross, but mostly he is looking down toward the ground and the face of pain and struggle that he went through for us is never really shown.

Metal bands, scary movies, and satanic cults use a lot of this imagery in a more truthful manner, and even some things that aren't even truly satanic, yet send old ladies running to the hills like an upside-down cross. I saw the band Slayer last night on their final tour and really had me thinking about this all day today. Compared to the churches' images and necklaces of Jesus on the cross, they had a backdrop of the face of Jesus on the cross. Crown of thorns, the look of pain on his face, looking up toward His Father. That image in its true nature made me feel more thankful for Jesus did then any thing i've seen in the many chirches I have visted and been a part of my whole life. While it is meant in a blasphemous way, that image isn't too far from the truth of what Jesus really went through.

Maybe it is just my area and the places I read stuff online, but if someone could explain why it is avoided, or even prove that it's just something in my region and other areas are more open about this stuff.
Scuba Diver

Re: The Bible and truthful imagery

Postby jimwalton » Mon Jun 25, 2018 8:14 am

People like to be comforted. People like easy thoughts, pleasant concepts, and positive messages. Just as businesses tweak their financial reports to give a positive picture, teachers teach to the test so it reflects well on them when their students perform well, and politicians spin situations and quotes to make themselves look good, so also preachers and Christians like the sunny side of life. Though the Bible is full of reality and honesty (the good and the bad, light and dark, the happy and the scary), people just like to feel good, especially about their religion. It's another reason we see so much preaching about the health and wealth gospel. People want it to be all good.

But as a preacher you need to find the healthy balance. If all you talk is health and wealth, goodness and positivity, you might as well be a motivational speaker for Amway. if you're going to be honest, however, there has to be balance. Jesus talked an awful lot about the kingdom of heaven, but he talked a lot about hell, too. He praised people, but also prophetically criticized people. We can't just be preachers of doom and gloom, but we should just be health and wealth either. Find the right blend.

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