Lawmakers in Pennsylvania have submitted a “heart-beat” anti-abortion bill, similar to what exists in 18 other states. The governor of the commonwealth has promised to veto the bill, stating that it “defies all practical understanding of modern women’s health care.” This is similar to New York State’s abortion expansion bill mendaciously called the “Reproductive Health Act.”

I’m convinced that the abortion movement is twisting terms to intentionally deceive people and manipulate public opinion.

It’s simply a lie to define “health care” as the “freedom” to kill the human fetus in your womb. We would never define “environmentalism” as the right to club 600,000 baby seals to death. We would never define “health care” as the “freedom” for an oncologist to intentionally kill 600,000 of his or her patients. 

It’s simply a lie to claim that abortion displays a concern for women’s health care that pregnancy does not. Pregnancy is a normal function of the female body, not an intervention as is abortion. Interrupting the normal process of pregnancy is not health care, but rather a surgical solution to a societal problem.

It is simply a lie to claim that restricting abortion threatens maternal health. Many countries with prohibitive abortion policies (Ireland, Malta, Poland, et al.) have low maternal mortality rates.

If someone sincerely wants to make policies about women’s health care, their concern should be nutrition, prenatal care, mental health, depression, AIDS, breast cancer, domestic violence, and heart disease. That would display honesty.

It is simply a lie to claim that there is any statistical correlation between abortion and women’s health care. To claim that abortion rights or expansion have anything to do with a general woman’s overall health is nothing short of chicanery.

If someone sincerely thinks that abortion is the greatest step towards women’s health care in the country, I have a house on the island of Barbuda to sell you.

We can never solve the disagreements about sexual freedom and responsibility, pregnancies both wanted and unwanted, and women’s health concerns by killing the unborn.

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