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Converted to Islam and felt SO different

Postby Dark Master » Thu Apr 11, 2019 4:35 pm

This Person Just Converted to Islam, and Says He Felt a Good Spirit Touch Him which Made Him Want to Cry because He Was So Happy. Is that Not the Holy Spirit? Or Is It Something Different?

You can see by my history I have been looking for a faith, a home, a guidance. I have been lost, I could not find a peace or belonging anywhere .

A kind brother contacted me, he understood I was lost and needed help. He understood I am scared due to my parents being rude about Islam.

We prayed together, he sent me links and all I need to know. I have found the peace I am searching for.

When I prayed I felt a spirit, a gentle touch of something unexplainable I'm in tears as I write this.

My journey begins today, I'm no longer as scared I'm ready to dive in.
Dark Master

Re: Converted to Islam and felt SO different

Postby jimwalton » Sat May 04, 2019 9:15 am

The feeling of peace and happiness can come from many sources (a good day at the amusement park, a great meal, a bite of your favorite food, a hug at a needed time from a friend, a religious experience, etc.). Such feelings are not necessarily the presence of the Holy Spirit.

What we are seeking is not a peaceful feeling, but to subscribe to what is true. Sometimes the truth brings peace, but sometimes the truth is upsetting. Sometimes subscribing to the true God can bring peace, but sometimes it brings persecution and trouble (being thrown out of one's house, losing friends, job, what have you). The way to determine if something is true is not by the feelings it brings but instead by the evidences, logic, and correspondence to reality. We would hope that peaceful feelings would ensue, but it's not always so.

People can feel peace even by doing things that are very wrong and going in completely wrong directions. I have heard many times that people who commit suicide feel a great peace just before they do it. Peace can be a sign, but it can also be misleading. We must instead pursue the truth, not the feeling.

I would say with certainty this person's experience is not the Holy Spirit.

1. Muslims don't believe in the Holy Spirit as a personal being that would lead anyone anywhere.
2. The Holy Spirit leads people to Jesus.
3. I'm not sure there's any Scripture that says when you have the Holy Spirit you have peace. I could be wrong, but I can't readily think of any.

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