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Who are the Freemasons? What do they believe and practice? And what does any of this have to do with Christianity?

Why is freemasonry condemned so much by the Christians?

Postby Uptown » Tue May 15, 2018 3:32 pm

I am seriously considering joining Freemasons and since I also have some Christian roots I see that many Christians are against it. Can anyone explain me what is so bad about freemasonry from Christian point of view (no conspiracies about Illuminati please)?

Re: Why is freemasonry condemned so much by the Christians?

Postby jimwalton » Mon Jun 25, 2018 9:47 am

1\. Masonic ideas of god are vague and don't correspond to the biblical teachings about YHWH. In their effort to be accepted by Muslim, Buddhists, Taoists, etc., they refuse to define God. In the Royal Arch (4th in York Rite, equivalent to 14th in Scottish Rite) degree, the initiate is taught that the true name of God is *Jahbulon*, a combination of YHWH, Baal (But or Bel), and On (Egyptian god Osiris). This is anti-Christian. The degree of the Knights of East and West (17º Scottish Rite) calls god "Abaddon" (Rev. 9.11, a name for "Destroyer"). Albert Pike, a leading Masonic authority, writes that "The Masonic Religion should be ...maintained in the purity of Luciferian doctrine [that Lucifer is God]." The God of Christianity is discredited by Masonry. In the Masonic periodical, *New Age*, it states, "Masonry holds and teaches that with all and above all there is God, *not* essentially a Christian Triune God." The first part of this information I got from Henry Wilson Coil, "Coil's Masonic Encyclopedia. The part about the Royal Arch came from Malcom Duncan's "Masonic Ritual and Monitor." The parts about Knights East and West came from J. Blanchard's "Scottish Rite Masonry Illustrated: The Complete Ritual". The quote from Albert Pike came from Albert Pike's "Morals and Dogmas". The part about not a triune God comes from the Masonic periodical *New Age*.

2\. The symbols of Masonry, the square and the compass, are Masonic symbols of deception. Albert Mackey, in *The Manual of the Lodge*, writes, "The symbol [of the point within a circle] is really a beautiful but somewhat abstruse allusion to the old sun-worship, and introduces us for the first time to that modification of it, known among the ancients as the worship of the phallus." In another work Mackey wrote, "The phallus was a sculptured representation of the male organ of generation and the worship of it is said to have originated in Egypt. In the Mysteries...we find the remote origin of the point within a circle, an ancient symbol which was first adopted by the old sun worshippers...and incorporated into the symbolism of Freemasonry."

3\. In the Masonic hierarchy, one of the levels is the level of Palladium. In the Palladium, there are 5 steps:

First: Adoption: The Mason is brought into fellowship with Lucifer, and sings "Glory and Love for Lucifer! Hatred! Hatred! Hatred! to God accursed! accursed! accursed! In this oath, the initiate makes a pact with Satan.

Second: Illumination: The Mason is "illuminated" through drugs and occult practices.

Third: Conversation: The Mason begins conversations with the "mighty dead."

Fourth: Congress: One is married to a spirit that has possessed the body of a medium of the opposite sex. Through their intimacy, the spirit is transferred to the body of the initiate. Through repeated sexual contact, the initiate can hope to gain all of the spirit's wisdom and knowledge.

Fifth: Union. When union is achieved, the Mason's soul is completely eclipsed by the spirit.

(These come from William Schnoebelen, "Masonry," who climbed to Mason's 32nd degree.)

In other words, Freemasonry is not Christian.

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