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Serious question about a dream, please help!

Postby Cheesecake » Wed Mar 20, 2019 2:53 pm

I need some help figuring this dream out that I had last night. First some back story.

I'm 32 years old and grew up in a VERY christian household. My parents used to hold meetings for people getting out of cult groups and we think because of this, I used to see "ghosts" as a kid. I quote ghosts because it wasn't a ghost but something that looked like my mother but wasn't my mother (as she is still alive). I've seen her a hand full of times, always with red eyes, never talks just is there, does something and then dispersal. My family has dubbed it "not mom".

I believe I was then followed through out my adult life. Getting scratched, being pushed down stairs, doors opening and closing on their own. Doesn't matter where I go, there's ALWAYS something. I've said spiritual warfare prayers and while things calm down for a while, they eventually come back. I believe this is because I am very strong in my faith and try and do God's work when I can. It reminds me of the verse, " For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. "- Ephesians 6:12

This brings me to now. I know fallen angels (demons) can do a lot of harm, just not physically but mentally. Give you nightmares, inject thoughts or feelings into you and try and steer you down a bad path, but this dream not only freaks me out it makes me question 'why'?

So I want to start out by saying that while I think a LOT of lore about false gods are kind of neat, I only take them as stories. I know a lot about Odinism because my husband was deep into it before he became a christian. I also know a lot about Greek mythology due to liking movies like Hercules. What I don't know ANYTHING about is Egyptian. Literally the only info I know stems from watching the movie "The Mummy" and while it's hollywood, I take it with a grain of salt. Although I really don't have any desire to go reading up on Egyptian mythology anyway.

This brings me to my dream. I play a lot of video games and so sometimes they can get into your head but here's the thing, I haven't watched or read anything egyptian in YEARS. Never thought about it, never brought it up but my dream was part video game part egyptian lore.

In my dream I was a Priest (video game version), where I go around and heal people and protect them from attacks. Although I had a mode that I called 'god mode' where I could change physically and my powers would change as well. I KNEW I was the egyptian goddess Isis. I thought this was hysterical because it made me picture me being a bunch of men in turbans running down the street as their very evil group are known as "Isis", so why the name? As I try and do in my subconscious I think, I don't like that name... it makes no sense, I'm going to change it. But no matter what I did, everyone called me Isis which was insanely frustrating as they ignored my name corrections.

Soooo... I ended up joining a "Guild" (group of people for 1 common goal) and revealed to them my god mode. That although I was a healer, my god mode made me DPS (damage dealer) so that I could help the guild fight evil and being able to swap between the two roles would greatly help out the guild. Then this happens. I'm in god mode to show them what I can do, and I turn and look at one of them. I laugh internally because it's my husband standing there but it's like he doesn't know me. I could see this aura around him.. black and death like. I said to him, "You have god mode too! You just don't know it." I start giving him this whole speech about how I can bring it out of him if he wants too and show him that its something he needs to embrace because its who he is. He took my hand and turned into Osiris. The minute he turned into Osiris though, I felt this OVER WHELMING desire from my god mode for him. It was like this INSANE intense pull and attraction. Like we were meant to be together and we now found each other and I didn't really understand what this all meant and then I woke up...

Here's the weird part.. I googled Isis and found out she's a real Egyptian goddess. Lore says she was married to Osiris and they produced a son Horus. I know all this stuff isn't real but what freaks me out about it is I'm dreaming of stuff that lore says is correct, that I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW.

I chalk it up to another attack just putting stuff in my head but WHY?! What is the point of it all? I'm not so stupid to think I had a past life of being a god that doesn't exist! I don't understand the point or purpose. Anyone have any ideas?!

Re: Serious question about a dream, please help!

Postby jimwalton » Wed Mar 20, 2019 3:19 pm

Thank you for sharing. Obviously we as Christians believe in the reality of spirit beings and spiritual forces. I don't have any direct experience, but friends of mine have: various dreams, visions, spectres, etc., like yours but different (obviously).

In one period in my life I was very interested in dreams, and actually made a point of keeping track of my dreams for 3 years. When I became aware of a dream during the night I would rouse myself (never fun) and write down enough of the dream to be able to remember it the next morning. Then I would analyze it, using sites like What I discovered after 3 years of disturbing my sleep and faithfully journaling is that there were never any real messages or meanings to any of my dreams, but somehow they were all just weird versions of me processing my thoughts. In other words, if I was upset I would dream about whatever, and when i looked it up the next day it would say, "Well, 'whatever' means you're upset." Duh, I knew that. But that's what all my dreams were: new initiatives, fear, upset, setting goals, failure at something—whatever I was going through, feelings, thinking, and doing, that's what I was dreaming about. I was surprised through the years to find out that the elements in my dreams were common enough that the website (most of the time) pretty much nailed it on the head.

I also learned through that experience that there were certain symbols in my dreams that were common to my dreams. But I figured this out through the years. For instance, even though I'm long gone from my college years, whenever I dream I'm in college, it's a symbol for failure, death, confusion, and disarray (which is odd, because I liked college and did well in it.). "House" was a symbol for my life. "Camp" was a symbol for my job—you get the idea. I started figuring out the pattern of my dreams. But they never really meant anything. They were more like a weird visual journal of my mood and what was going on with me.

I still have that journal of 3 years of dreams.

So, I went to that website, and of course, neither Isis nor Osiris are there. From this site ( ... ur-dreams/), Isis symbolizes that others view you as a healer. From this site (, Osiris is a symbol of balance (between good and evil, harmony and chaos). I'm not gifted as a dream interpreter, but I wouldn't necessarily think that demons are plaguing you. Dreams can be VERY weird (you should read mine!), and I found they're often symbols of my psyche, not of anything spiritual.

But if you feel spiritual oppression in your life and in your home, what I've heard from people who have experienced the same kind of stuff is that they had some decor, furniture, statues, or pictures in their home that were remnants of that era of dabbling in the occult, and they had to get that stuff out of their home. Spiritual forces are real, and sometimes these material items maintain an "invitation," so to speak, of them to you. It's just a thought. See what others say.
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Re: Serious question about a dream, please help!

Postby Nafarious » Wed Mar 20, 2019 3:22 pm

I wouldn’t immediately assume its a demon. Isis is fairly frequently mentioned throughout various media in a non-occult way, so its likely that it’s just your subconscious bringing up information your active mind forgot about.

More reason to think it’s not demonic is that it seems to be based off stuff you’ve spent a fair amount of time doing(video games, ‘god mode’ seems more akin to a game mechanic than something occult). Apart from a vague idea of becoming god-like, there’s little in there that seems to be something a demon would want you to think.

The first bit is pretty creepy. Were you in bed when you saw the not-mom thing. If you were it could be night-terrors(a medical condition), otherwise I don’t know.

Regardless, ignore that stuff. If there’s nothing occult going on then you’ll just worry yourself, and if there is something going on, then you shouldn’t give them the time of day. A demon’s goal would be to deceive you, so ignoring anything it says makes the most sense.

They can’t take your soul from Christ, and physical harm is pointless if your soul is safe.

Basically if demons are a factor, they’re bit players and you got nothing to worry about, if they’re not involved then you got nothing to worry about. Probably make sure nothing medical is going on if it persists.

Re: Serious question about a dream, please help!

Postby Cheesecake » Thu Apr 04, 2019 3:29 am

I appreciate your reply! I never really got into dream interpretation as a Christian because I felt like that time has passed where it was biblically needed. It looks like though that it's an interesting way into getting into your own head. I just freaked out over this dream because it dealt with info that I didn't know. I don't have anything in my home that has any occult remnants, though. My husband is from England and was living in Spain while he was in Odinism. We had to take a cruise to get to America due to a health issue with him and flying. So all he brought was clothes, computer parts and a guitar. So it's not like there would be anything hiding that wasn't known. I appreciate the thought, though! I'm just going to pray about it and then leave it alone. I guess if God wanted me to know anything, he would reveal it to me and if he didn't, then I'd just forget! :)

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