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How we classify genius

Postby Scape211 » Fri Aug 04, 2023 12:57 pm

Whenever we have a discussion of science and God, we often look to the greatest minds to see where they fall and compare them. This isnt always the best metric, but can sometimes be inevitable if we want to look outside the bible (non-Christians often do in said discussions).

I recently saw this video I found interesting when classifying levels of genius:

Does this seem like a good metric for this classification? I am unsure. Just thought it was interesting in light of the age-old (and tired) debate.
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Re: How we classify genius

Postby jimwalton » Sun Aug 06, 2023 3:19 pm

Very interesting video. I'm sure he's right about his analysis. I remember watching a YouTube video about 2 years ago that said that IQ-wise there are many geniuses among us. Some didn't do anything with it and were blue-collar workers or in some low-level vocation (like Matt Damon in "Good Will Hunting"), whereas others chose to do something with it. My son has a fantastic singing voice, but even though he lives in Nashville, he doesn't have the personality to make it in the music industry, so he works at Lowe's. You have to have both the talent and the drive.

But that's not even all. You also have to get (or make) a break. It could be luck, or "who you know," or bribery, or threats. I know LOTS of musicians that are far better musicians than the ones who get famous. No one will ever know their names. It's something else that gives a person recognition and status.

It doesn't really give us an honest evaluation to reference the greatest minds to see where they fall and compare them, even though it's a natural thing to do. Solomon had far more wisdom than an of his peers, but his life was a disaster. His wisdom in juridical matters somehow didn't translate to any even common sense in practical matters of life. Some of the "geniuses" of our age are steeped in godless humanism or trapped in personal flaws—and I couldn't care what they think about God. They can be just as spiritually blind as the person working the counter at McDonald's or the professor at a university.
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