John 1.6-8: The Light is shining in your eyes. Can’t you see it?

Our author is starting to let us know what people think about Jesus. The first person he brings to the witness stand, so to speak, is a guy named John. John is widely respected and recognized as a prophet whom God as sent. Because of that, our author wants us to know what John says about Jesus.

Nowadays it’s common for people to disrespect the writings of the New Testament about Jesus, saying, “Oh, they’re just a bunch of fishermen.” Others say they think Jesus is God, but then they don’t live their lives as if Jesus is God. The author wants us to know it was more than just fishermen followers who claimed Jesus was God. Case-in-point #1: It was a widely-recognized prophet from the Lord also who came as a witness to the Light, claiming that Jesus was the true light from heaven who came to give light to the world. Later we’ll get to listen in on what he says. For now this is what we are told, by way of introduction:

“A man was sent from God whose name was John. He came to take the witness stand to testify concerning The Light, wanting everyone to see the truth and believe in this Man. He knew he himself, John, wasn’t the light, no matter what other people thought of him. He came to point people to Jesus.”

If people who knew John said he was a prophet of God, then we should listen to what John says. The people who heard him talk said he was credible and reliable. John committed himself to this witness about Jesus: This Man is God himself, in the flesh. The light is on, people. It is shining in your eyes. Jesus was not just a religious character, a prophetic figure, or someone who brings good things to life. He is The Light: the pure, righteous, sovereign, sinless manifestation of True God.

That’s what John claims. Do you believe him? The book says John had a special birth and a special calling. The people who knew him and heard him talk said he was a prophet sent from God. John says Jesus is the true light that gives light to every man coming into the world. So, what do you think, and where do you get your information?

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