Proverbs 1.2-19 — Summary

So, here is my summary of some of the thoughts from Proverbs 1.2-19. Our desires rule our lives. We make our decisions based on them. Do we desire wisdom, knowledge, discernment, and prudence? If so, it’s going to take dedicated effort, empowered by the Spirit of God, to become what we are not (by nature), and to change enough of our personality/natural tendencies to become God’s person.

The other choice, unfortunately, comes very easy to us: being enticed by sin. It’s in our hearts, and we all have a spiritual soft spot for sin (see Romans 7.14-24). But (Rom. 7.25), Jesus has freed us from the power of sin, so now we have to choose it also. It’s not part of our nature like it used to be.

So it comes down to this: What do we desire? The ways of God are obviously the best choice, but also the hard way. The road is narrow, and the gate is small, and few will find it. But those who seek will find. Those who endure to the end will receive the crown of life.

We need to start with a fear of God (understanding what that means—the right relationship) and a following of the instruction of those who have come before us to lead us in the way (Heb. 12.1-4).

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