All of us remember that frightful day when such a heinous evil was perpetuated on innocent students. The media (at least the articles and news snippets I have seen) are working hard to emphasize how the people of Columbine have dealt with it positively. Many have gone into helping vocations. Many have learned how to forgive. Some have used the occasion to get involved in ministry for God. Many have reached out to help others, especially those who were victimized in other school shootings.

When dealing with questions about the presence of real evil in the world, juxtaposed with a concept of a good and powerful God, at least one of the points I make is that one of the ways God redeems evil is to enable good coming out the other side. In other words, God doesn’t allow evil because some people grow from it; rather, God takes the worst that evil can dish out and brings something noble out of it. The term we use is that events like this prove that not all evil is “unjustifiable evil”. To put it bluntly, some evil can be turned to produce good as a result.

The problem of evil and the arguments of how a good and powerful God can exist side by side with it are well-established, legitimate and substantial. I can’t take the space here to review the whole case, but if you want to talk, visit my website ( and we can talk. But the Columbine horror proves that evil does not have the final word, and the Bible teaches that evil will never have the final word. Despite all the pain and fear that come from such an unspeakable crime, the aftermath of it has a Light that shines powerfully in the dark.

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