Many have been ruing for decades the loss of manners and even of common courtesy in society. Rudeness is more a sign of the times than politeness. Courtesy was always a common way to honor our fellow human beings in a display of deference and servanthood.

It is particularly disturbing, then, on many levels, to read that a bus driver was beaten to death by four passengers who refused to put on facemasks at his request for safety ( Where there is no sense of self-control, the people perish. Where there is no sense of common courtesy, fear gives power to the brutal. Where violence is the answer to any sense of affront, we all are potential victims.

What is possibly more disturbing, if that were even possible, is the potential that they were people around who could have stopped it or at least intervened and did not. Fear has the ability to turn good people into bystanders. Incivility has the ability to turn us all into a mob. One can readily notice that the further away from Christianity the West gets, the more evil becomes the order of the day.

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