What is a Christian response to the corona virus?

What does the Bible say about the Corona Virus? Nothing

            Disease is part of our world. The Bible teaches that.

            As far as a global pandemic, this is one of many.

                        2200 children die every day from diarrhea

                        110 million people in the world right now have STDs

            This is not to minimize Corona, but it’s to say the Bible doesn’t say anything specific about this.

            Some people wonder if it’s a sign of the End Times. We’ll have to see, but even a global pandemic is not necessarily an automatic indication of the End Times. There are many puzzle pieces that have to come together that signal the End Times.

So what’s a Christian response to the Corona Virus?

  1. Take every medical precaution you can. There is nothing in the Bible against being hygienic. Even the OT law had the Israelites washing their hands before eating, staying away from dead bodies, and cooking meat thoroughly. 
  2. Make use of every medical benefit available. Again, there is nothing the Bible against medical care. In those days they used herbal medicines, medicinal oils, and mineral springs. The Bible has no objection to medical care.
  3. Be wise, not reckless. Of course we believe God can protect us, but that doesn’t mean we close our eyes and walk out in busy streets or step off the roof of 10-story buildings claiming, “God will protect me.” That’s not what the Bible means when it talks about God’s protection. When the Bible calls us to love God with all our minds it’s a clear indication that using our brains is honoring to God.
  4. Actively pray for the sick. The Bible teaches the effectiveness of prayer and encourages to pray for the sick (James 5), to pray about anything and everything (Phil. 4), and to pray rather than live in anxiety. So live a life of prayer.
  5. Wisdom is called for more than fear. Yes, of course a healthy dose of fear not only has its place but also its benefits. Panicked fear can just make things worse.
  6. Be the helpers. Fred Rogers advised people, in times of emergency, to look for the people who were helping others. There are always people who are helping others. Christians should be the ones helping others, not wearing sandwich boards about God’s judgment or being so fearful and selfish they aren’t serving those in need.

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