Conspiracy Theories

There’s so much talk about conspiracy theories, but the reality is not so covert. Most of what is going on is brazen, in plain sight, and even with gloating. The strategy is not to skulk in the shadows, but rather the enshrine one’s position as law. These powerful people, politicians, and technocrats are operating unashamedly right where everyone can see them, trying to get their desires made into law, and therefore unassailable.

You need to know this is happening against Christianity as well. There is a concerted effort to secularize America and to marginalize Christianity. We see it in the courts, in legislation, in social media, mainstream media, and education. It’s not a conspiracy theory, it’s blatant conspiratorial action. If we can institutionalize secularism in curricula, if we can manipulate secularism as the only narrative, if we can legitimize it as legislation, then secularism becomes the only normal and religion (Christianity) is not only the aberration, but also the perpetrator of societal endangerment (because it is ignorant, bigoted, discriminatory, and hateful).

If they can paint religious people as stupid (which they do), define them as mentally unstable (which has been not only accused but also codified), label them as dangerous (a growing position), and then legislate against them (which is happening), then Christianity can be legally and “justifiably” suppressed.

This is no theory; it’s in the news. It has been operational for decades and is coming to fruition before our eyes. Secularism has gained institutional power and is now capable of neutralizing the opposition by legislation, cancellation, and humiliation. Secularism presents itself as the logical normal and Christianity as the “dangerous” aberration.

Our response has to be multi-pronged.

1. Awareness. We won’t act if we don’t see it. Knowing is half the battle.
2. We must become dedicated, not casual, about our biblical education. The Word of God is sharp and powerful, and it cannot be chained. It can be muted and distorted, however, by our ignorance of it.
3. We must become people of involvement and engagement, not of ignoring it, apathetic to it, or dropping out. Inaction at the wrong time can lead to disaster in a very quick amount of time.
4. Active resistance. Secularism has momentum, popular support, and financial backing. But we must resist as opportunity presents itself. Silence today will reap a harvest of oppression tomorrow.

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