Ephesians 1.1-14

There is a divine intention that runs through all of human history. God desires a love relationship with us, and to end has purposed blessing for humanity. His purposes, love, and blessing are not necessarily obvious, but they have been revealed to us like a wrapped gift that has come into our room and has been opened right before our eyes. Paul has been chosen as the messenger to bring the good news of this message to other ambassadors, who in turn have been chosen to proclaim it to the people of the world.

In the course of the chapter we learn who this God is who loves us and has showered us with gifts, favor, status, privilege, and purpose. It’s as if He has opened heaven itself, tipped it on its side, and poured out a veritable flood of benefits. His love is overwhelming, His desire for us is immeasurable, and His purposes for us magnificent.

Even before the creation of the world He had His eyes on you, and has moved heaven and hell to bring you not only to His side but also as a full-fledged member of His family. To do that He has sacrificed himself so that you can be whole, has shown a willingness to overlook anything that separates you from Him (because it already has been thoroughly dealt with in Christ), and to lavish you with understanding of what He has done. He has opened your eyes to spiritual truths otherwise and previously inaccessible to you, because He wants you to be everything you can be, to understand the fullness of His person, plan, and purpose, and to live your life the way it was designed to be lived. In that you will find your greatest treasure and fulfillment. This is what you were made for.

Nothing is left to chance that the plan might be obstructed to the point of failure. After He purchased you, filled you, adopted you, gifted you, blessed you, invested in you, and opened your eyes and mind to the wonders of His being, He locked you into His hands and heart by sealing you with His Holy Spirit. You are marked, signed, sealed, and virtually delivered to glory (He is just waiting for the final stroke to bring all to completion), so that your redemption is consummated, your inheritance is fully claimed, and your glory is complete.