George Floyd and the forces that want to destroy America

The governor of Minnesota, in conjunction with the police, have determined that about 15% of the arrests in the George Floyd execution protests have been out-of-staters. In other words, some person or entity is bussing protesters into cities to cause disruption.

I heard about a similar action about two years ago—that some person or entity was bussing protestors to college campuses to shut down conservative speakers.

It’s so foreign to my world and way of thinking that there are forces intent specifically intent on destroying America. I don’t understand the mentality or the effort. Sure, America has plenty of problems, but it calls for reform, not for destruction. Anarchists seem to think that the government is the source of all societal evils, but that just shows they haven’t seen situations where the government was absent. It’s just “Lord of the Flies” when authority drops away.

In John 10.1-21, Jesus speaks of those who enter just to kill, steal, and destroy. These are mindsets and actions that must be resisted, for what lies in the wake of such behavior is nothing but evil. By contrast, the Shepherd brings life. The anarchist takes it. The governors, mayors, and president are right that control must be maintained. Without it, we will not enter a better era of grass-roots, moral, orderly citizen self-government. Instead, we will be a nation of vigilantes, murderers, thieves, and survival of the cruelest.

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