We live in a world of prejudice, not proof. Evidence, ironically enough, has become immaterial to relativistic truth. The paradigm is that as long as one holds firmly to a conviction, evidence has nothing to do with that truth “to me.”

1. Anger has eclipsed objectivity. The degree of one’s anger about an issue or person has become the standard of truth. “I don’t need evidence because I feel so strongly about this.”

2. Opinion has replaced education. Our system of higher education has been responsible for more leftist brainwashing and propaganda than actual education. History is revised, opposing opinions are silenced, and indoctrination in a perspective is now considered “learning” and “evidence” over against a broad liberal arts opening of minds.

3. Hauteur has suppressed reason. If someone disagrees, they’ll call you a name and assume they’ve won the argument. As long as they’ve read a few soundbites and the first sentence of a Google link that endorses their opinion, they’ll tell you how stupid you are and you don’t know anything about your subject. As long as one can shout louder than the person making sense, the argument is “won.”

The consequence of all this is a dangerous disregard for truth, reason, and evidence and the potential collapse of democracy, which assumes that people are given enough accurate information to decide for themselves. 

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