The Historical Reliability of the Bible

A presentation by Dr. Craig Blomberg at the “Proof of the Truth” Conference, April, 2017.

The first part of the video was lost during the recording. He is giving “The Bible’s Narrative Plot in a Nutshell,” and here is what didn’t make the video:

“God creates the universe and humanity. Human free choice to rebel leads to alienation from God. God initiates a plan to bring us back to himself, through Abraham and his descendants—the people of Israel. he rescues them from slavery in Egypt in the time of Moses, gives them laws to follow in response, and promises a fertile land for them to live in with peace and prosperity contingent of their obedience to the Law. After 40 years of wilderness wanderings, they conquer part of the land under Joshua. Israel is lead first by judges and then kings (over a united but later divided kingdom). Disobedience frequently leads to surrounding nations attacking Israel and even taking many of their people into exile (especially to Assyria an dBabylon). They they are restored to the land, and are promised a deliverer who will rid the land once-and-for-all of foreign powers…”