We have an astounding capacity to NOT work together, but there is hope.

For all of our nobility as human beings made in the image of God, we have an astounding capacity to not work together. Sometimes wars are for resources, and sometimes they’re just “because I can.” Right now we sit in the center of sheer cacophony of nations warning each other, threatening each other, and sanctioning each other. Our own political situation is no less raucous. And we all know that the church has a history of infighting and division. Schools and parents are at “war” about reopening. Blaming every American problem on race is tearing the country apart. Media have deserted their objectivity and often take sides or even create sides where there were none. Social media has designed algorithms that exacerbate division. Fist fights even break out over the wearing of masks. Airplane violence is at an all-time high.

Contrary to any evolutionary claims about humanity continuing to evolve into higher life forms, our pace toward self-destruction is outrunning our tremendous scientific and technological advancements. We probably won’t survive long enough as a species or a planet to see what might be around that corner many years from now.

Where is this all leading us? Some say we’re headed for civil war. Others claim it’s all part of the cabal setting up the New World Order through the Great Reset. It’s no surprise that those ideas are circulating—create enough fear and confusion, and even good people will tear each other apart.

Cries for peace and civility are abundant, but they are being drowned out by the gunfire, literally and metaphorically. 

Jesus spoke of a time when humans would be at each other’s throats, betraying, attacking, and rebelling (Mt. 10.21 – Mk. 13.12 = Lk. 21.6). He based His prediction on the loss of truth, pulling back on our social restraints of  humanity’s dark side, destruction of the environment, and rewarding tendencies toward violence. It’s not a pretty picture.

Yet if we continue to follow Jesus’s line of thought, He doesn’t leave us without hope. He gives us plenty of wisdom to serve as encouragement and hope—something our world desperately needs.

  • Take a stand on what you know to be true. Don’t let any circumstances, bullying, or threats deter you from your commitment to truth. (Mt. 10.22)
  • Don’t be a passive victim, but instead be aggressive in communicating hope, love, and truth at every worthy opportunity. (Mt. 10.23)
  • Expect resistance to your stand on truth and your message of hope. (Mt. 10.25)  People don’t like it when you voice a different narrative than the one they are perpetrating (Mt. 10.34). Righteousness always pays a price. Resistance will be fierce, but don’t be intimidated into silence or fear. (Mt. 10.26-27)
  • Live and spread God’s agenda, not your own. And please don’t confuse the two (Mt. 10.27). Jesus was not interested in political power or military victory. What He is interested in is that you walk in His ways (Mt. 10.38-39).

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