We’ve lost, but it’s not over yet

Through the night I pray and meditate, since I sleep so poorly. But the world is quiet and I don’t feel pressed to do other things, so it’s a good time for me.

This morning as I was pondering in bed, I think the voice of the Lord was saying to me that we’ve lost. We’ve lost an entire generation. We’ve seen the news, the tweets, we hear their attitude, their secularism, violence, ignorance, and even blasphemy. As it was in the days of Noah, so it seems to be now. This generation is gone, and from my conversations online, I’m not sure much of anything will bring them into the fold. Sure, there will be individual conversions, but the generation is lost. They’ve been trained and mobilized.

The Church is completely ineffective in the culture; it is only effective with those who are already its own. We are losing kids by the thousands, and converting them by the ones. We’ve lost.

Between LGBTQ, BLM, the radical left, the university education system, New Age, Luciferianism, the media, scientism, and the powers running the world right now, we’ve lost. They have all the microphones and we have none. Their lies and influence will only grow and ours will diminish. We’ve lost.

Christianity is the whipping boy of the world. We are persecuted, criticized, ridiculed, marginalized, demonized, and ignored. We are losing.

The small but vibrant remnant is still God’s Body on Earth, and still His voice of prophetic truth. We are small but energized. The problem is: we don’t know where to attack.

The theme in every Star Wars movie is the same: a tiny remnant rebellion, still acting out against the monstrous and powerful empire. While often they hide, make small incursions, and wait for an appropriate moment to strike big, they know their target: The Death Star. (It’s been blown up twice now.)

As God’s remnant, we are not in good communication with each other, and we don’t have a unified strategy. We’re not working together, and we don’t know where to attack. So the cultural onslaught continues unabated. Truly unabated. The Church has no voice and very few have the will to act. We are failing on so many levels.

We know from Scripture that one person filled with the Holy Spirit is all it takes to bring about radical, godly change (Gideon, Moses, Samson, et al.). We don’t need an army, we don’t need a worldly plan, we need God to give us the plan (as He did to Moses, Joshua, Esther, et al.).

I don’t have that plan. God didn’t give it to me. I know that analysis doesn’t help much without an action plan to follow it. We continue with our small incursions, our local conversations with others in the Remnant, and our pebble-in-the-ocean media presence. We pray for God’s wisdom, godly courage, an action plan, and God’s favor when we act.

We have lost, but it’s not over until it’s over. We know God will ultimately win (that’s never in question, and not the point here), but for now we must gather the troops, continue our incursions, increase our communication, and press God for a plan of action.

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