Colossians 3.17: Do everything in the name of Jesus

Colossians 3.17: “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.”

This is stated to include all of life, with nothing left out. It seems so obvious, and yet I think we all try to justify excluding one thing or another, whether certain movies we watch, words we say, sexual expression, attitudes (“I can’t help what I am!”), or behavior (“Oh, it’s just a small thing.”) “Whatever” means “whatever,” with no implied exceptions.

Jesus said that our words and deeds come out of what is in our hearts (Mt. 15.11). The statement is meant to take away excuses that people might make for one arena or the other. It includes what you do and what you say, with the intent of covering all of your attitudes, heart, words, motives, and behavior.

“Do it all.” This is the third indicator of universality and inclusion: (1) whatever…, (2) in word or deed…, (3) do it all…. No area of life is untouched. If by the words you think you found a loophole, the triple reference is a literary indicator that there are no loopholes. Are you catching on? Everything. All things. All of life. All attitudes. All behavior. All words. Nothing excluded, and no loopholes.

And do it in the name of the Lord Jesus, under his authority, for his sake, and for his causes. W don’t act for our benefit, for the good of society, or because of expedience. The focus is on Christ. All that matters is God’s will and God’s kingdom.

And then be thankful about it. You don’t do begrudgingly or with any kind of negative attitude. We need to understand that we are free from the law of sin, and that we are no longer slaves to do things that displease God. Therefore we can speak and act in the name of the Lord Jesus, not with a spirit of deprivation, but with gratitude because the Truth has set us free. The world is opening bigger, not getting smaller. Be free in Christ, not enslaved to what hurts us.

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