The Fires of Discontent

The Fires of Discontent

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Americans, and especially the younger generations, are turning away from Christianity in record numbers. If the attrition rate continues at its current rate, the Church will notice crippling declines in the all-too-near future. The fires of discontent of those falling away from the Christian faith are sometimes angry, hostile and vindictive, but at other times merely apathetic and confused. But all of them are disenchanted. The Fires of Discontent examines ten paradigms that illustrate the state of our culture, reveals the heat of unbelief in America, and suggests ways the Church can bring the Water of Life to bear on the burning unrest in our country.

The second section examines the self-contradictory philosophy of our day, Postmodernism. In addition to looking at the characteristics of the era, we examine how we got to this point, and where we can go from here.

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