Here’s what makes me really afraid

I know the world has always been a place that could cook up a recipe for fear. As we all know, there are many events going on right now that breed fear: certainly the Corona virus, but also the continuing military action between Iran and the U.S., and we could also add the global economic meltdown we’ve seen in the past week that could possibly take years to undo.

But you know what makes me REALLY afraid? The condition of the American people. That’s right. Here’s what the last week has brought out.

I have observed that our confidence as a society is grounded in our affluence. The threat of disease, war, and a bear stock market (possibly even recession or depression, depending on how things go) has driven people to fear and panic.

I have observed that our stability as a society is grounded in getting what we want. Sacrifice is not in our vocabulary.

I have also observed that our façade of civility falls quickly when we sense a threat or a real competition for resources. Seriously—fist fights breaking out over toilet paper?

I have observed that our depth of character and moral fortitude as Americans are about one-inch deep. We’ve been pandered and pampered for so long we’ve gone soft.

Affluence has made us weak.

Selfishness has made us intolerant.

Success has made us forget God.

Secularization has clouded our values.

Immorality has made us angry and depressed.

Taking our freedom for granted has made us selfish.

Viewing Christianity as a casual religion has made us complacent.

The fact that we are not equipped for crisis makes us vulnerable to collapse politically, culturally, and even in our churches.

That’s what really makes me afraid.

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