Science and technology cannot solve our problems. We are capable of stunning knowledge and advancements. But the world gets worse.

Political action cannot solve our problems. ‘Nuff said.

Education cannot solve our problems. We are the most learned generation in history. But the world gets worse.

Utopia is not within reach. It never will be. It can’t be more obvious. “The Brave New World” will never be reality. The answer is easy: We are not God. The Bible sees us as “not divine,” and therefore in a state of incompletion and imperfection. We need God. We need help. Actually, we need a Savior. The Bible is quite clear that evil comes to us easily and quickly. When we from God launched out on our own, Gn. 3 shows misdirected self-assurance in our own capabilities, Gn. 4 shows destructive relationships, Gn. 5 shows a litany of death and more violence, and by the time we get to Gn. 6 there is total breakdown to the point where the system needs to be reordered and the ledgers need to be rebalanced. Humanity is not capable of navigating life and history without divine help.

Even now we see the country’s itch for justice and some sense of “rightness” playing itself out every day: open borders, a homeless crisis in California cities, impeachment, election interference, quid pro quo, Trump obstructs Congress, Pelosi obstructs Senate, rising Anti-Semitism, nuclear threat, supremacism, Brexit, and on it goes. Our imperfection is obvious. We need a true voice of wisdom, an authentic global sense of morality, justice on every level, economic fairness and redistribution of wealth, environmental integrity, and political purgation.

But even more seriously, we each need personal calibration. Our hearts have elements that lead us astray. Our minds are too easily misdirected. Despite noble attempts, we all subscribe to some things that are not true. The spiritual element of our lives too easily settles for a complacent or self-affirming answer, not pushing into the uncomfortable, muddy areas where the messy truth resides. These natural and self-generated tendencies (experiences, heart, mind) separate us from God, and we need a Savior. He is our only hope.

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