Luke 17.20-37 — The End Times

Today is a long text on the end times: Luke 17.20-37. I’m tempted to skip it, but, what the hey.

The Pharisees want to know about the end times. Who doesn’t? Jesus gives an interesting answer: “You won’t figure it out by your study of Scripture.” For now the kingdom of God is a reality in your heart and soul. It’s not a political, social, or religious movement, but inner transformation brought about by the Spirit of God. Spend your time on that part.

He tells the disciples they shouldn’t be expecting him to return soon. So much for that, eh? And other people will say, “It’s here!” Humbug. When it comes, everybody will know it. You won’t have to be told. But a lot has to happen first.

First, it’ll be like the days of Noah and Sodom: rampant godlessness, ubiquitous indifference, plenty of warning, and total unpreparedness. Those who aren’t paying attention will be totally surprised. But they shouldn’t be: where there is corruption and rebellion, there will be judgment.

By the way, this is no secret event, no grand secret snatch. The Lord will come, and everyone will see it, and his enemies will be food for vultures.

Hey, I just call ’em like I see ’em.

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