Luke 18.31-34 — The Prediction of His Crucifixion

Jesus comes clean to his disciples about his impending murder, and his promise against all odds to come back.

He starts with a teaser: “We’re going up to Jerusalem so all the prophecies can be fulfilled.” Wow, the disciples are excited. They know the prophecies. The Messiah is going to grab a sword and a horse, rally the people around him, toss out the miserable Romans, and establish his everlasting kingdom! This is going to be soooo cooool!!

He doesn’t let the teaser sit long, though, before he hits them with a brick: I’m going to be arrested and executed. They probably didn’t know any prophecies like these, and would be thoroughly confused. (This is a set up for the next story about the blind man.)

He doesn’t let the downer sit long, though, before he lifts them with all hope: Don’t worry. I’ll be back. I won’t stay dead, but I’ll rise again. There’s no power in the universe that can keep me down.

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