Proverbs 1.8-9 — Parents are supposed to disciple their children

God’s plan is that the parents are the primary disciplers of their children (Dt. 6; Eph. 6.4). The parent is supposed to be the God figure to his/her children, teaching them the ways of the Lord and modeling for him or her what God is like. (Have you ever heard the truism that what children think of their Daddy is what they think of God? I have found that to be generally true.) In that context, a parent’s teaching is valuable. This is not to claim that all parents are godly or raise their kids in the ways of the Lord. But if the parents do their God-given job, and follow the convictions of Dt. 6, then children should listen to it and not turn on it. It will reward you later.

The words of the father and mother, which embody the wisdom of the society and the knowledge of God, can become a decorative wreath for the son’s head and a chain or necklace of office. Just as a champion is adorned with a garland of victory and a newly appointed official is given the chain and vestments of his office, so too is the attentive son assured of prosperity and a stable life (see Prov 4:1-6).

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