Proverbs 12.1

“Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid.” Everyone makes mistakes, and those mistakes are to be used as opportunities to become wise. As I’ve said several times since we started this study, wisdom is gained little by little as we learn from our mistakes and continue to digest God’s Word and life experiences, and change from what we’re learning. The point is to be teachable. What is intolerable is the defensiveness that refuses to admit mistakes. True learners—truly wise people—learn every step of the way and little by little become wise, as James 1.5 teaches: if you want to become wise, ask God. But it takes a lifetime, not a prayer. Wise people change their behavior. Resisting criticism perpetuates wrong behavior and a proud attitude. Humility allows one to hear words of criticism and creates an openness to change. Pride leaves one refusing to learn.

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