Proverbs 12.16 — Turn the other cheek

“Fools show their annoyance at once, but the prudent overlook an insult.” Those who show their annoyance quickly are not pleasant people to be around, at least not to me. You feel like they are angry, disgruntled, unhappy, impatient, irritable, and complainers, and who wants to be around THAT all the time? I would rather take my business somewhere else, or I would rather work with someone else. These people are not perceived as spiritual. They may be feared, but they are not respected or liked.

On the other hand, “the prudent overlook an insult.” These people are more forgiving, more patient and tolerant. These are the “turn the other cheek” people, and the “walk the extra mile” people. They don’t get so uppity so quickly, and they absorb stuff—MUCH more pleasant to be around. Sometimes you cover your upset-ness, and you learn to hold your tongue. Prudence is the ability to regulate your emotional display.

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