Proverbs 12.5 — Wisdom and wickedness

“The plans of the righteous are just, but the advice of the wicked is deceitful.” Again, since this is a proverb, it’s not to say that ungodly people never give good advice, and that people in the church always do. Ha—just the thought of both of those is quite laughable.

In truth it’s both an admonishment and good advice. God’s people need to be both careful and fair when they give advice. The Scriptures tell people that God’s people have worthy things to say, and they should respect your words and put them into practice—so make sure you say worthy things!

On the other hand, the proverb teaches us that the advice of the “wicked” is unworthy because it’s motivated by self, gain, fear, pain, pride, and/or power, and should be viewed with great suspicion. (Another admonition to believers, to make sure your advice isn’t flavored with these spices of life.)

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