Proverbs 31.10 — A priceless marriage

“A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies.” The word for “noble character” (Hebrew: havil) has military overtones, but is not restricted to military use. It means “strength; power.” It is applied to a variety of people, including a warrior (powerful), a functionary of any sort (connoting capability), or even a landowner (meaning wealthy in the sense of successful). Since much of the language of Prov. 31.10-31 is military language, right off the top it suggests that the author is referring to her as a WARRIOR. She is engaged in the battle of life, dealing with people and life with assured capability, and winning an advantage for her family.

Then likening her to “worth far more than rubies” underlines the rarity and preciousness of such a woman. A person with integrity, reliability, diligence, and wisdom is extremely difficult to find, and a person like this is worth a fortune. But to have a RELATIONSHIP with someone like this—one of those rare friendships that enriches and deepens and has so much value to you—is worth trading the world for. But to have a MARRIAGE like that? Priceless.

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