Proverbs 31.12 — Relationships that build up

“She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life.” We have already looked at Proverbs where the spouses tear each other down and make each other feel worse rather than built up. Here our ideal woman is doing the opposite. The “good” that she brings encompasses a wide variety of moral and material blessings. In other words, she’s good for him in every way.

It’s what we all want. What we want is relationships that build up, not tear down. When a person is self-centered, the relationship is not one that builds up. What you want most is a relationship where you bring the best out in each other, and motivate each other towards better things. To accomplish this takes humility and the heart of a servant. Whether husband to wife or wife to husband, you choose each day to make the other person more important than yourself, and you live for them, not for you. You determine to meet his or her needs. And if both spouses are living this way, both get served and both get their needs met. There doesn’t need to be any fear of emptying yourself, because the other one is filling you up. There is no chance of feeling used, as if you’re doing all the giving and your spouse isn’t reciprocating. When each one serves the other, no one feels used. No one feels they’re the only one giving, because both are active in bringing the other good and not harm. It’s a conscious choice, an act of humility and love, and a life of service, which is true godliness. As long as both man and woman live this way, the rewards of a healthy, loving relationship are great.

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