Proverbs 6.16 — A list of the things God hates

There are robust words used here in Prov. 6.16 that shake the doorposts and rattle the thresholds of our lives: emanating from the deepest part of God’s being rises the most profound abhorrence possible. Since everything about God is eternal and complete, this abomination is a universal and unmitigated obscenity to creation and His being.

God has designed the universe to be whole, complete, perfect, and ultimately in holy balance with itself and with Him. What is it in our sin that skews the balance of the universe? Self-orientation, injustice, and a false perception of the truth of God’s being—who he is and how he acts. In other words, when we act in orientation to self rather than God, and when we create our own ideas about God rather than conform to His revelation of himself, we cause an imbalance in the universe that must be righted. God is the one who can right such imbalances, and he does it by his acts of judgment, grace, mercy, and redemption, those finding their ultimate expression in Jesus Christ, where all things will be made “right” once again.

When all of creation, each piece of which reflects some part of his nature and glory, is groaning with weight, and when humans, each of whom is created in God’s image and is loved with unsurpassable love, are in rebellion and separated from Him, then out from God’s soul (the very word used in this text) emanates a rage at the atrocity that grieves and breaks the very heart of God.

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