Proverbs 6.18 — We get into trouble all too quickly

The fifth abomination to God’s soul: “feet that are quick to rush into evil.” Again we have a reference to a body part to make the warning practical. The word that sticks out for me is “quick”. Evil shouldn’t have such an easy time with us. It should have to work to get us, like it did with Job. Job’s family fell apart, then his health, and then his friends nagged and talked and tried to persuade, and insulted and argued. They played tag team, but Job would not yield.

By contrast, look to the example of King Ahaz, husband of Jezebel. Frankly, we could also look to the example of Solomon. So quick to give in. So weak, and carnal.

We should not give in so easily. Sure we have a propensity. Sure we have our pet sins. Sure sin never gives up. So, sin should have more endurance than our spiritual lives? God forbid. I will fight and resist; I will take the shots and get back up again; I will not be a passive soldier, but attack strongholds. I will take my thoughts captive; I will train my body.

“Feet that are quick to rush into evil” are the beginners and the weaklings. Many are called, but few are chosen. Many say Lord, but few follow. The road is narrow and the gate small. I’m going to be there, no matter what.

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