Intellectual persecution of Christians in America has been happening for close to two decades now. Then with the election of Donald Trump, the bile of all things liberal turned in his direction with a non-stop onslaught of hate such as we have not seen in our lifetimes.

Now the next step is happening. Because the culture is ramping up its intolerance and hate, because secularism is on the rise, and because evangelicals have gone to bed with the Republican Party, now the culture’s sights are aimed at Christianity with the same hateful, deceptive, distorted arguments:

The Church, we am now being told, is white surpemacist, racist, homophobic, single-issue closed minded (pro-life is the only platform worth paying attention to), and misogynist. If we don’t help the illegal immigrants get in we are cold-hearted and apathetic; if we do try to help we are “white saviors.” We are apparently supporters of police brutality, gun violence, discrimination and racism. We are wasting our lives on a religion that hurts more than it helps.

I am told by some acquaintances that this article is making the rounds, particularly among our college age and youth, to great acceptance. I am told that many think the article is “wonderful.” This person notices that in their circles, this article represents the epidemic of hostility against the church and Christianity. The train is rolling and it is gaining steam. Young people, more and more, perceive the Church and Christianity the way the article says.

I’ve been saying this for a while: The Church needs to wake up. As Gandalf said as the battle neared, “If you have walked all these days with closed ears and minds asleep, wake up now!” We can’t keep preaching “3 strategies to relieve stress” and “Israel’s God is against idolatry.” If we don’t counter-attack this kind of assault, the decline of the church and Christianity will accelerate. Please READ THE ARTICLE. These issues are active conversations in many homes. They should be in church small groups and in the church as well. We need to go to war against these strongholds of deceit and to tell the REAL Christian story.

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